Learning and Research Activities at a glance

This learning platform is the space in which you as student can meet peers from other universities in your courses. You can share learning resources, get in touch with your professors and tutors, provide access to your learning results, follow online courses and access the eLearning modules on European and International Law.

SEE EU Activities

The SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence offers a wide range of learning and research Programmes. Summer schools and spring courses will allow students to learn in collaborative, inspiring environments. eLearning modules prepare for these activities and deepen different topics in the respective fields. Collaborative courses are amplified on this platform to allow students and teachers to share learning resources and results.

Besides this, the cluster offers model curricula to the partner universities, the cooperation of libraries and access to graduate schools.

Students and professors can get involved in a number of research projects, network with research assistants and institutes, apply for scholarships or get into research exchange their research and teaching experiences.

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