About the Europa-Institut

The Europa-Institut at Saarland University is the second oldest institution of its kind in Europe. For more than six decades, the Europa-Institut has been excellently educating young academics from all over the world in European and international law.

For more than three decades the institute, which is located at the axis of Strasbourg-Luxembourg-Brussels, has offered an internationally renowned Master's degree in European and international law.

Since then, more than 5,500 students from all over the world have graduated from the program and now hold positions in European and international organizations, internationally oriented law firms, international companies as well as in national governments and administrations.

Internationally renowned scholars and guest lecturers benefit from the excellent research conditions at the Europa- Institut with its own institutional library which is also a European Documentation Centre.

The newly established Network South Eastern Europe, numerous European Summer Courses and Winter Schools underpin the international importance of the institution in the areas of research and training.

The research character of the institute is further underlined by its own publications while its practice-oriented approach is reflected in an ever-expanding range of offers with regard to executive training and career services.

The Europa- Institut has a strong partner in its alumni association EVER e.V. that safeguards a wide-spread network of alumni throughout the whole world.

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